Andy on November 24th, 2012

Pope's Nativity SceneAccording to bloke who wears the silly hats and red shoes, historians have got it all wrong.

No donkeys, asses, cows, sheep or even ducks were really there on the night of J.C’s birth – and then to top it all off, apparently the angels didn’t have a singing part either. “They just talked” is what his holy eminence has apparently proclaimed after years of personal ‘research’ in his latest book.

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Andy on November 20th, 2012

Charlie Pickering W.T.F?

Where is Charlie Pickering when we needed him? I bet he wouldn’t have copped out like Andrew Rochford did tonight on The Project. The segment was about ‘mediums’ and ‘psychics’ (failed) attempts to ‘assist’ police and relatives to locate missing people here in Australia. The embarrassed looks on all the show’s hosts said it all really but political correctness won out in the end and Rochford even said something like ‘We should clarify that (the mediums name) doesn’t accept any money from (the family holding out hope)… she is assisting them without charge…’

She might not be, but she is enabling the family to hang on to the ridiculous notion that their dead son is communicating with this person. Sorry, but I have no patience for this nonsense.

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Andy on November 22nd, 2011

I have been blogging here for some time now and this morning I was looking back at some of my earlier posts, in particular those with video content. I re watched the excellent TED talk by Michael Shermer in this post and decided to look for other lectures by this fascinating man and stumbled across the talk called Why Darwin Matters, below.

After watching it in it’s entirety (set aside an hour and a coffee) I soon became aware that this one video actually summarises my stance on science, religion and education almost perfectly. Watch this and you will - or should - get it. He uses humour, is able to put some of the most complex topics into plain english and has such an easy to follow way of speaking. Michael Shermer is one of my favourite lecturers.

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Andy on November 15th, 2011

un_ufoLet’s give religion a break – to be honest, it’s a dead issue as far as I’m concerned. There’s enough words written here (and linked to) to provide ample evidence to anyone with an open mind that all gods are man made.

Skepticism interests me more now and the effort needs to be made to debunk and ridicule, where necessary, the kind of silly thinking that humans waste so much time on during their lives. I’ve touched on spiritualism and mediums in other posts – this time I’ll take on the UFO ‘phenomena’.

Firstly, I’m 100% convinced that other sentient life exists in the universe. If you consider the trillions of suns and billions of planets that exist ‘out there’, the odds that our earth is the only one that life and then intelligent life has evolved on, is frankly ridiculous. In our galaxy alone there are around 100 billion stars and there are billions of other GALAXIES – you do the math. But a couple of points are often dismissed by those who believe that we have been visited by aliens is – distance, or the reality of getting from one star or galaxy to another.

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Andy on October 6th, 2011

Hitchens Evolution

As I was updating the random youtube videos today (sorry it’s been so long!), I was watching the Michael Shermer video below and a thought suddenly struck me. If evolution and natural selection in particular are working as we know they do - will humans eventually evolve to lose the need for irrational beliefs?

What I mean is,  will humans who prefer to believe in the power of prayer over medical science or vaccination eventually die out due to their beliefs - or am I being too hopeful here? As Shermer discusses in the TED video, our brains have evolved with something he calls ‘patternicity’ that was very useful when our survival depended on it working correctly. I’d argue that because we no longer need this as much as we did, then possibly we may evolve to lose or have it greatly reduced - and this might be beneficial to the species.

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