Andy on August 23rd, 2011

I have just watched the National Press Club featuring the British climate change denier Chris Monckton (you can watch it here) in it’s entirety and came away with the sad feeling that it doesn’t matter how much scientific evidence is presented to some people, if they start out with a preconceived viewpoint then you are wasting your time.

I then stumbled upon Bill Maher’s video that uses humour to explain the real problem well. The ‘we must give equal air time to the crackpots because there’s two sides to every story’ problem I mean.

It’s damn funny to boot…

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Andy on August 9th, 2011

2011 Australian CensusAs the evening of the 2011 Census draws very near, I thought I’d echo the thoughts of many free thinkers and add my two cents worth to the Religion Question discussion.

Not having seen this years’s census questions (we decided to do ours online this year. It will be interesting to see whether the site stands up with millions of hits over a short period of time!) – we can only assume it will be the same or similar to the last one, which looked like this:

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Andy on June 23rd, 2011

I have written a few posts about evolution in the past, usually defending the theory, but attempting to convince creationists what evolution is about is really a pointless exercise due to their unwillingness – or inability – to look at or understand the facts presented to them. So, I thought that starting from the beginning and trying to convince some of them first what evolution ISN’T – might be worthwhile. We can only try anyway…

I have taken an excerpt from the excellent writing on the Ebon Musings site, in particular the evolution pages section that presents the argument well. If you have the time, I suggest you read the entire evolution section as it is excellent.

“Some creationists have claimed that evolution is a religion, but this claim too is false. Evolution is well supported by evidence, and all its basic mechanisms can be observed to operate today; unlike religion, it does not require faith. In addition, no one claims evolution is an inerrant doctrine – like all branches of science, it is being constantly tested and refined, and it could be falsified and rejected if the right evidence turned up. No one prays to evolution. Also like all sciences, evolution is theologically neutral. It says nothing, one way or the other, about the existence of God or the supernatural; it does not require divine intervention, but nor does it forbid it. Atheists can accept evolution without believing there is anything more, while theists can accept evolution and believe that their god controls it. Any god can be given credit for using evolution as the method of creation, and indeed, theists of all denominations accept it.

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Andy on March 24th, 2011

Thousands of kilometres of Australia’s shoreline are being severely affected by the rising sea levels this month. The state and federal governments are frantically organising the army, SES and contractors to begin building the sea barriers that will hold off the flooding of downtown Sydney and other major Australian coastal cities. Regional coastal towns are basically being abandoned due to the sheer scale of the emergency situation.Australian floods worst in centuries

The millions of people who live on or near the coastal areas of Australia are being forced to evacuate their homes and businesses and the economic and human disaster that is unfolding is too terrible to think about.

The recent flood of refugee arrivals, estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands in the last 2 weeks, from our pacific neighbours, including Indonesia, Malaysia and Japan who are desperately trying to find somewhere to live now that their villages and cities are gone has prompted the imposition of martial law in the Northern Territory this week.

Australians are asking ‘WHY HAS THIS HAPPENED?’ and ‘why weren’t we told?’.

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Andy on January 31st, 2011

Tom Cruise : Our Saviour?When I first heard about the recent opening of the ‘Church’ of Scientology’s Melbourne Headquarters building recently, I was frankly, stunned.

With the recent calls from Australian senator Nick Xenophon and others to have the organisation’s tax-exempt status revoked, not to mention the on again-off again promise of a judicial inquiry into Scientology – I had thought that investing here would be not all that wise.

Prime TV cheered me up no end though – did you watch Andrew O’Keefe’s interview with the spokesperson, Virginia Stewart, last Sunday? Check it out at the Seven Network Weekend Sunrise site (it’s still in the archive, scroll down and find the ‘Scientology Invasion’ video). The poor woman had no idea that they were playing clips of the cartoon about L Ron’s science fiction story during the interview – you know, the one about Xenu and the spaceships, volcanos and DC3′s – yes, that one! We nearly fell out of bed laughing! Viewing the video is probably only available to Australian viewers, but you never know, some kind soul might upload a copy to YouTube…

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